Neutral Bay Chic Workbook Templates

Creating workbooks takes time and energy, doesn't it?

And that's precious time and energy that could be spent growing your business instead.

The problem is, you can't use that one template time and time again. Why? Because your subscribers and/or clients may not realise you are offering new content and could scroll on past. And that's bad for business.

So, what do you do?

Well, the best way to highlight that you have fresh, new content or products for people to benefit from, is to present it in a new way. It's amazing what using a new template can do to attract readers and new subscribers!

However, having spent hours collecting and putting together that new content, you often find that your creativity has flatlined. And the very last thing you want to do is design a new template for your fabulous new content.

But what if you already HAD a great new template ready to use? So all you had to do was enter your content, and a fantastic new lead magnet or product would appear?

And what if that new template was already a reality?

(Hot Tip: It is, and you can own it - for an amazingly low price - today!!)

Neutral Bay Chic Workbook Templates

Inspired by the understated elegance of Sydney's Neutral Bay, the Workbook Templates were designed in Canva with a modern, neutral tone.

Using Canva, you can easily customise the 30 pages with your brand colours, replace the images, add more pages, delete pages, duplicate pages, or re-order the pages for a lead magnet or workbook that is unique to your business.

The thirty pages/templates (A4 in size) include:

  • 3 Front Cover pages
  • 2 About Me pages
  • 2 Contents pages
  • 2 Section pages
  • A variety of one and two column layouts
  • A 2 Question worksheet
  • Informatics pages
  • A Comparison page
  • Quote, Highlight and Customer Appreciation pages
  • A Next Steps/Back Cover page

Let's have a little peek at the contents, shall we?

Normally, these templates would be available for $27 (which is pretty good value).


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Please enjoy!!