Lady Boss Lead Magnet Templates

Do you have the time (or energy) to rapidly create new lead magnets?

As an online entrepreneur, time is money isn't it? 

You know you need to create and nurture your list. But creating fresh and memorable lead magnets that say "you need to grab me quickly" is just one of the many tasks that fill your day. And sometimes, by the time you've finished the other 99,000 items on your task list, your creativity is running as low as the battery on your smart device after a long zoom session.

So, what do you do?

Well, as it happens, I may just have the very thing you need: a set of 20 drop-dead-gorgeous one-page lead magnets.

Blue Wren PLR is proud to launch the:

Lady Boss Lead Magnet Templates

The Lady Boss Lead Magnet Templates were designed with a decidedly feminine feel, but can be easily edited to appeal to your target audience.

There are twenty single-page lead magnet designs, and cover a variety of uses: checklists, worksheets, diagrams, cheat-sheets, monthly challenges, outlines of services provided, topic highlights, recipe outlines, workflows.... 

There's something here for everyone!!

Let's have a little peek at the contents, shall we?

Normally, these would be available for $27 (which is pretty good value).


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Please enjoy!!