Blue Gum Sunset Workbook Template


It's not easy consistently coming up with new designs, is it?

You have the content. You may even have the course up and ready to launch.

But you need a workbook, and you need it NOW!!

Of course, you could use the same template you've used several times before. But you want your new course or program to be exactly that: new

Don't worry - we've got you covered!!

The all-new, never-been-seen-before Blue Gum Sunset Workbook Template has a modern, minimalist feel to it, and comes with 23 gorgeous pages (plus a front and back cover).

“A workbook is a great tool to enhance the learning experience for your clients. Some people learn by listening. Others need to read and/or take notes. Using both in your teaching methods is a smart move.  ”
― Katrina Willis

The Blue Gum Sunset Workbook Template

Our beautifully designed Blue Gum Sunset Workbook Template will charm your clients with it's clear, minimalist pages and muted Australian Blue Gum tones.

Use it as is, or change the colors and fonts to suit your branding - the choice is yours.

The workbook can be as easy to use as dropping in your content, and can be yours for just $27!!

What you will receive

Your product will be delivered as a Canva template, which you then copy into your Canva account and can be edited/customized according to your preferences and branding.

Your 8.5" x 11" page template comes with Commercial Use/Personal Label Rights.

After exiting the Shopping Cart, you will receive a PDF Download Page which contains a link to the Canva Template.

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Terms of use

  What you can do with your product

  • Can be downloaded for personal use.
  • Can be edited and rebranded.
  • Can be added to an eCourse or autoresponder as content.
  • Can be added to an eBook/PDF as content.
  • Can be given away.
  • Can be packaged.
  • Can be offered as a bonus.
  • Claim full authorship.

  What you can't do with your product

  • Can't share the template with others.
  • Can't be used in Kindle books
  • Can't sell with PLR Rights
  • Can't offer Master Resell Rights
  • Can't be offered through auction sites.
  • Can't be submitted to article directories.

Please enjoy!!