PLR License Terms

Your Rights

When you purchase a product with Private Label Rights (PLR) from Blue Wren PLR you may utilize the product for personal and/or commercial use, however please be mindful that the following PLR License Terms apply:



Product can be sold or given away as a bonus in pdf format.

Colors, fonts and design elements can be edited/deleted.

Can be branded as your own.

Added to an e-Course as a pdf.

Added to an e-Book (pdf).

Sold (with retail/personal use rights only) on your website, online marketplace etc, as long as the end product does not violate the rules of that marketplace.

Added to free or paid membership sites.


Claim copyright for the product.


Offer or pass on Resell, Master or Private Label Rights to the products to others.


Sell or pass on the source files (eg .pptx or .png) or download page to others.


Edit any image delivered to you as a PNG or JPEG so as to remove a portion of the image and use in another project on it’s own, as this is a violation of the Terms Of Use of the images.


Use the Blue Wren PLR or Katrina Willis name on the finished product.

Refund Policy

Due to the fact that this is a digital product and available for instant download, there are no refunds associated with these products.

Please read through the information on this page and scroll through the images, to get a clear idea of the quality of the product.